The following is a list of the genres of fiction and categories of non-fiction we've published. Click on the link to see the description of an individual book listing.


Contemporary Fiction



Epic Fantasy Fiction


Tainted Truth
Stolen Truth
Truth of a Betrayer
Revelations of Truth



Marrida and Alagur
Emelyse and Bergas




The Mystery of Priory Mansion


Futuristic Science Fiction


Subject 37
Code Word Indigo


Short Stories

Donta Naughty
Chase The Dream
Bring On The Love



Self-Help Memoir

Heartbreak Doesn't Last Forever



All these titles will be re-released as Second Editions from 1 January 2019. Where marked with "re-release completed" it's an earlier edition that's now listed above as a re-release.

The Stone of Truth, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 1), Novel, 2016 (re-release completed)
Subject 37, The Utopus Series (Book 1), Novel, 2016
Second Elder of Ruh'nar, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra, Novel, 2016 (re-release completed)
Marrida and Alagur, The Keldarra Series (Book 1), 2016 (re-release completed)
The Mystery of Priory Mansion, L&L Investigates (Book 1), 2016
Emelyse and Bergas, The Keldarra Series (Book 2), 2017 (re-release completed)
South Spires of Achellon, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 3), 2017 (announced, never published) (re-release completed)
Code Word Indigo, The Utopus Series (Book 2), 2017

This list is included here for historical purposes.